Planning A Wedding

I got a call yesterday from a bride to be, who recently got engaged.  She has only been engaged for about a month, and she wanted to start planning their wedding day, about a year away.  Talking to her further, she had no idea where to start the planning process, and was very much overwhelmed with it all.  This is not the first conversation that I have had like this with brides and grooms to be, about planning a wedding, and I know it won’t be the last time either.  I have gotten so many phone calls like this, over the past few years.  People just assume that a couple know where to begin, and know what order to plan everything.  I’ve found that many don’t, and they have a hard time knowing where to start, and what to prioritse.  Planning a wedding can be very stressful if you don’t know where to start.  So I thought I would share some helpful tips on where to start in planning for the big day.


Tip #1- Budget

The first thing that I suggest to couples, is to sit down and work out a budget together.  This way, you can know if you are both on the same page as each other, when it comes to a budget.  List the most expensive parts of the wedding.  These include things like the venue, photographer, flowers and your wedding dress.  Make a rough budget that can be changed if you need it to, just in case you change your mind about things that you want, or don’t want, on your wedding day.



Tip #2- Inspiration

I also like to suggest to couples about making a scrapbook or a pinterest board with wedding ideas that sing to you, or colours palettes that jump out at you.  This keeps it all in once place, so when you need to choose things like decorations, table runners , or floral settings, it’s all in one place.



Tip #3- Checklist

Checklists are a must have.  If you are anything like me, you need lists to remember everything.  This will help you to plan months in advance and it also helps you to know what has been booked, paid off, and what still needs to be done, at any given moment.  It also helps in reducing the amount of stress leading up to the wedding day.


Here is a list of things you can include on your checklist:

About 12 months before

Work out a budget; choose your bridal party; start the guest list; reserve your date and venues; book officiant or priest; start a scrapbook for inspiration; start to research photographers, videographers,  DJ’s, florists, and  caterers; and finally, throw an engagement party.

About 8-9 months before

Book photographer and/or videographer, DJ/entertainment, florist and caterer; meet with the caterer; finalise guest list and send out invitations; buy a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses; and reserve a hotel block for out of town guests.

About 6-7 months before wedding day

Start planning for the honeymoon; meet with officiant/priest; arrange transportation if needed for guests; start organising a timeline of the wedding day; and research makeup artists.

About 4-5 months before

Check on wedding invitations; send guest list to host of bridal shower; buy wedding shoes and start dress fittings; book hair and makeup artist; choose music for the wedding day; start list of photos for photographer; and order wedding bands.

3 months before

Finalise menu and flowers; make a list of people giving toasts and speeches; finalise order of ceremony and reception; send schedule of event to venues and vendors, and give finalised list to photographer.

2 months before

Catch up with all vendors; meet with photographer; review music list with DJ; hold a hens/bucks night.

1 month before

Get your marriage license; have your final dress fitting; send out as many final payments as possible; confirm time and date for hair and makeup; confirm date times with all vendors and venues; assign seating for tables; start to break in new shoes; write vows; and purchase gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and get your engagement and wedding bands cleaned.

Week of the wedding

Confirm arrival times with vendors and venues; send a timetable to the bridal party; pick up your dress and suits; check on last time with photographer; and pack for your honeymoon.

These are just some things that will hopefully help you plan for your wedding day.  Even though it can be a very stressful day, remember to enjoy it.  Soak up all the moments, and go with the flow.  Don’t sweat the little things on your wedding day, and always keep in mind the bigger picture.  Never forget that your wedding is a celebration of your union and love for each other.  Always be a team, and keep what you want as a couple, at the centre of all your decisions.


$400 Off All Wedding Photogrpahy Packages Booked Before 28th February


$400 off ALL wedding photography packages that are booked and deposit paid by the 28th February, 2017

When selecting a wedding photographer, you are doing more than just selecting a photographer.  You are hiring someone that will be with you, your family, and friends for your wedding day.

I love being able to assist couples along every step of the way, to provide a personal customised experience just for them.  Sitting down with couple’s and finding out how they fell in love, what they love the most about each other, and what are the most important photo’s for them to get on their wedding day, are so important to me.  Listening to my couples, helps me to tell their story of love and their journey together.  After all, this is their wedding and I’m just there to help tell their story through photo’s.

So for the month of February, and because Valentines Day is almost here, I am offering couple’s, who book and pay their deposit before the 28th February 2017, $400 off any wedding photography package of their choice.  This is regardless of when your wedding date is.  If you book and pay the deposit before the 28th February 2017, you will recieve $400 off of your choice of wedding photography package.  All you need to do it CONTACT ME HERE, and let me know that you’ve seen our promotion on Facebook or Instagram, or even if you just popped on here to take a look.  I look forward to working with you and getting those photo’s that mean the most for you on your wedding day.

Every couple is unique and every love story is different, I want to be the one to tell your special love story.



Digital Files or Prints?

Digital files or prints?

Photography is very common place now, but there are times that you want to hire a professional to create those extra special images for you.  You want to be able to display those incredibly beautiful and emotive images for everyone to see, when they step into your home.  It could be a beautifully custom made album to show off to your friends and family, or a gallery wrapped canvas collection, hanging above your couch in your lounge room.  Can’t you image what they will look like and how spectacular the wall art will look!

digital files or prints

But wait, you’ve been told that you should get the digital files, instead of prints.  Somehow, you’ve come to believe, that getting the digital files will save you money, and you can print them to your hearts delight.  When you want to…. later.  Sound familiar?  This is very representative of the photography market today, but it’s not true.

People have come to believe, that digital files are the best option, but they aren’t.  Digital files were meant to be a temporary storage solution, because there are so many things that could go wrong.  Technology changes, disks get scratched, phones can get smashed, computers and hard drives can crash, USB’s can get lost.  How many of you use a cassette tape, floppy disks, or even VHS anymore?  My kids don’t even know what they are.  So who’s to say that what we have now, will even be accessible in 10, 15, or even 20 years time?

A friend of mine, had all of her photo’s on her phone.  She kept on saying to me that she had to get them printed…… later.  It was always ‘later‘ or ‘soon‘.  One day, she left her phone in her car, and her car was broken into.  Her phone was gone.  So were her only photo’s of her first child, that had passed away as a newborn.   Her only photo’s of her first child were gone forever.  The photo’s of her other children after her first child, as newborns and toddlers, were also gone.  4 years of photo’s had vanished……. just like that……. in an instant.  She never printed them.  It was always ‘later‘.  Later never came around, and now it was too late.

How many photo’s do you have that you say that you’ll get printed later, or next week?  Has later or next week come yet?  The answer, most likely is, no.  And it never will.

Not too long ago, I was one of those photographers who sold digital files to my clients.  They would always tell me that they weren’t too sure what they wanted.  They would get the digital files and would decide ‘later‘ what they would do with them.  Clients would buy the digital files, and they could print as much as they want and when they wanted.  But that rarely happened. What happened was the USB would sit in a drawer, never to be printed, or would even get lost.  There would be none of my art work up on their walls or displayed in their homes, only files on social media, like Facebook.  It was very disheartening.

It dawned on me, my custom service wasn’t as custom as I thought.  I was like every other photographer, offering digital files that would never be printed, or would get lost, or files would be corrupted or even deleted by accident.  That’s when I started noticing a trend in my clients, they only seem to fall in love with only a handful of photo’s that I was providing.  It was the quality of the photo’s that clients wanted, not the quantity.  I decided to start to truly offer the customised unique experience for my clients, and guide them through every step of the photography experience; from planning out the photography session, to choosing their images and how they would display them, at the design consultation.  Giving my clients a truly customised unique photography experience.  Then I wasn’t like every other photographer- I was unique.

So which is better- digital files or prints?  Think to yourself, am I the type of person who will actually get around to print out my digital files; or will they sit in a drawer, never seeing the light of day?  Will you keep on telling yourself…..  I’ll print them later?  Be truly honest with yourself.

An example of why I love to have the tangible products are in the photo’s below.  These are some of my family photos, going back over 100 years.  The first photo, is of my great great great grandmother and  great great great grandfather on their wedding day.  It was taken on 31st March, 1880.  The photos with the wedding party and the family, were all taken around 1900-1910.  Now if these were digital files, would I have a copy of it now?  The answer is a big NO!  I wouldn’t have them.  But because they are prints, they’ve been handed down from generation to generation, and copies have been made for our family now, and for future generations to see.  It’s just something for you to think about.

If you would like to have a customised unique photography experience with me, please contact me or give me a call on 0431-911-275.  I would love to hear from you.

website prints vs digital


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